OSPT Alliance Hosts First Workshop in Lima, Peru

OSPT Alliance Hosts First Workshop in Lima, Peru

In June 2019, over 75 public transportation stakeholders and influencers from across Latin America gathered together to attend OSPT Alliance’s ‘CIPURSE™ in Action: Interoperability and Multi-Application’ workshop.

Held at the Novotel San Isidro in Lima, Peru, the event got underway with the first of two keynote presentations; Paula Lazarte, Deputy of the Transport Vice-Minister presented her vision for the public transportation. The second keynote presentation of the day came from Dr. Gustavo Guerra García, Ex-President of Protransporte, Specialist in Public Policies, who offered attendees an overview of the public transportation landscape in Peru and provided his perspectives on the current opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

Presentations and discussions then focused on introducing delegates to some of the varied CIPURSE deployments from across the globe. Speakers from ATM Barcelona, Facillite, SIR Cuenca, Planeta Informática, Urbanito, SIMA and Infineon provided delegates with an insight into how CIPURSE can be used in transportation ecosystems but also more widely across sectors such as ID. The speakers focused on the benefits of using open standards and shared details of their experiences of working with CIPURSE along with plans for future deployments.

The day concluded with a very fruitful Q&A discussion in which attendees were able to take to the floor to share their concerns and challenges regarding the Lima public transportation market. With attendees representing a wide cross-section of the transportation market including national transit and identification agencies, PTOs, PTAs, equipment manufacturers, service providers, product developers, consultants and system integrators, the energetic discussions and knowledge sharing session provided real value to both delegates and speakers alike.

“As interest in the CIPURSE Specification continues to grow across Latin America, collaborating with, and supporting local actors is of paramount importance to OSPT Alliance,” comments Laurent Cremer, Co-Chair of the OSPT Alliance Latin America Sub-Working Group. “We hope that events such as these provide a valuable platform for discussions, networking and knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders so that together we can help to address some of the current market challenges and maximise the available opportunities.”

This successful event would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors SIMA and Urbanito. We would also like to thank the French Chamber of Commerce for its support.

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  • Laurent Cremer

    Laurent Cremer is Vice President of International Business Development at Rambus, which he joined in July 2018 after eight years as Executive Director of OSPT Alliance since its formation in 2011. During this time, he successfully developed awareness of the alliance, secured key partnerships within the public transport ecosystem and engaged new members to join and contribute to the work of the body. His invaluable experience and expertise continue to support business market development activities for the Alliance as part of his new role at Rambus. Laurent has more than 25 years’ experience working within the smartcard and RFID sector across the telecom, transportation, banking and ID markets. He has worked in numerous roles for companies such as Arkadin, IPICO, TID and Gemalto, worldwide. Laurent is commercially proficient in four languages: French; English; Spanish; and Portuguese.