The rise of contactless and mobile services is facilitating more seamless consumer experiences across a number of verticals. For transport agencies, this is creating a number of new opportunities to enhance the traveller experience, tap into new revenues and collaborate with adjacent mobility service providers.

As many existing transport infrastructures are tied to inflexible proprietary systems, transport agencies have been unable to keep up with the pace of innovation and cross-industry partnerships have been complex. An open standards-based industry eradicates these challenges, empowering agencies to upgrade and enhance existing infrastructures in a time and cost-effective manner while enabling integration with adjacent services.

Why OSPT Alliance for Public Transport Agencies

  • Capitalize on compatibility between different suppliers and multiple form-factors, including mobile devices, smartcards and wearables, allowing a more cost-effective introduction of new technologies and the power to negotiate better deals from a range of vendors.
  • Benefit from simplified upgrades and expansion on a standardized platform, minimizing the costs and complexities of system management.
  • Understand the latest trends and technologies to effectively develop new services in response to rising consumer demands for more seamless, flexible and intuitive mobility solutions.
  • Feel reassured that specifications respect privacy management regulation and are patent protected by OSPT Alliance’s patent pool.

Looking for a partner to collaborate with or a new partner to support? View the list of OSPT Alliance members including public transport agencies, government agencies, system integrators, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and card manufacturers.