Deployments of the CIPURSE™ Specification have rapidly increased in recent years, delivering numerous benefits to players across the world. As the organization matures, broadening its scope to encompass mobility services, understanding both the operational and technical benefits of OSPT Alliance is key to enabling customers to define the best solution for their project.

Becoming a member of the OSPT community can offer new business opportunities, invaluable industry insights, as well as a host of potential global partners to facilitate customer projects. Participation in our Technical Working Groups can enable you to develop a strong competence of the scope of our specifications and gain influence over their advancement – something easily translatable into a valuable, attractive customer offering.

Why OSPT Alliance for Consultants

  • Utilizing CIPURSE can enable customers to select from multiple hardware and software providers to best meet their service and budget requirements. In short, preventing vendor lock-in and empowering customers to negotiate and design better solutions in collaboration with a range of vendors.
  • Expand and upgrade customer deployments seamlessly on a standardized platform, realizing time and cost efficiencies and instant interoperability.
  • Access an international network of stakeholders from across the industry, benefiting from insight into ongoing deployments and use cases, new technical partnerships and business opportunities.
  • Participate and network in region-focused workshops delivered worldwide and help drive local OSPT Alliance activities as an OSPT Ambassador.
  • Provide customers with a trusted solution that utilizes proven industry standards already securing the world’s most common payment applications.