As consumers demand increasingly unique, integrated and on-demand services, vendors across the mobility services ecosystem are faced with both a challenge and an opportunity. How can players adapt their offering effectively to deliver better services, increase competition and generate new revenues?

The historic dominance of proprietary systems has slowed expansion and market differentiation for both hardware and software vendors. To level the playing field for all vendors and encourage competition, an open standards-based industry is key. It enables access to a larger, international market with an easily scalable, universal offer. Moreover, as adjacent markets increasingly converge, joining a community of like-minded companies will simplify cross-industry collaboration, and foster opportunities for new partnerships and greater innovation.

Why OSPT Alliance for Vendors

  • Develop a standardized, universal offering that can be sold on a truly global scale in operation with multiple other suppliers, realizing an economy of scale and huge time saving efficiencies.
  • Engage with like-minded stakeholders across the industry to share knowledge, drive the advancement of new technologies and foster new partnerships.
  • Simplify product upgrades and integration of new technologies and services by developing on a standardized platform, capitalizing on instant interoperability and total form-factor agnosticism.
  • Build trust with the foundation of proven security and encryption standards and a recognized specification that’s protected and developed with cross-industry input.

Looking for a partner to collaborate with or a new partner to support? View the list of OSPT Alliance members including public transport agencies, government agencies, system integrators, hardware manufacturers, software developers, and card manufacturers.