OSPT Alliance Hosts Technical Workshop in Quito, Ecuador

OSPT Alliance Hosts Technical Workshop in Quito, Ecuador

Interest in open standards in Latin America is on the rise. Following a successful workshop exploring the value of openness in Lima, Peru earlier this year, OSPT Alliance was proud to respond to increasing demand to deliver a second workshop in Latin America.

Hosted in Quito, Ecuador, the event brought together stakeholders from across the transport world. Consultants, handset manufacturers, service providers, transit agencies, product developers and system integrators coming from the whole region (Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, USA,…) all collaborated to share deployment success stories, insights and advice, and discuss the benefits of CIPURSE™.

The one-day event provided a panoramic view of transportation in Ecuador and offered insight into the challenges and opportunities currently facing the local market. Delegates and presenters discussed a range of topics including a CIPURSE-based prepaid toll solution for highways in São Paulo, how to end fraud without changing validators and infrastructure, and the integration of payment platforms into public transport.

Additionally, we were honoured to welcome, Guillermo Abad Zamora, Secretary of Mobility, as the event’s keynote presenter. His thought-provoking investigation of the challenges and opportunities facing the country’s transport was both interesting and engaging.

Additional presentations were delivered by:

  • Luiz Guimaraes, Infineon
  • Laurent Cremer, Visa
  • Carme Fabregas, ATM Barcelona – Spain
  • Marco Pavan, Facilite – Brazil
  • Sir Osvaldo Flores, SIR Cuenca – Ecuador
  • Diego Alvarracin, Planeta Informatica
  • Fabiano Godoy Muñoz, Dataprom – Brasil
  • Luis Edgardo Ramirez, Urbanito – Peru
  • Didier Muguet, SIMA – Mexico
  • Frank Nankervis, Logikard – Ecuador
  • Rafael Martinez, Linxens – Mexico

The final session featured a roundtable discussion and Q&A. Key takeaways included OSPT Alliance’s upcoming activity and objectives, alongside specific examples and insights into successful systems in the region deployed using CIPURSE.

The Quito workshop provided a great forum for in-depth conversations and knowledge sharing on both the local transport market and the value of open standards. Delegates interacted and contributed to each session, gaining real insights into how open standards are already impacting the LatAm region and, in turn, how they can add value to their current projects. This high level of participation mirrors the growing interest that we are witnessing across Latin America. 57% of new OSPT Alliance members, and half of all full members, have come from the region in the last year – a trend we hope to see continue into 2020.

Our thanks go to Infineon, Linxens, Logikard c.a. and Rambus for sponsoring the event.

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  • Laurent Cremer

    Laurent Cremer is Vice President of International Business Development at Rambus, which he joined in July 2018 after eight years as Executive Director of OSPT Alliance since its formation in 2011. During this time, he successfully developed awareness of the alliance, secured key partnerships within the public transport ecosystem and engaged new members to join and contribute to the work of the body. His invaluable experience and expertise continue to support business market development activities for the Alliance as part of his new role at Rambus. Laurent has more than 25 years’ experience working within the smartcard and RFID sector across the telecom, transportation, banking and ID markets. He has worked in numerous roles for companies such as Arkadin, IPICO, TID and Gemalto, worldwide. Laurent is commercially proficient in four languages: French; English; Spanish; and Portuguese.