Reflecting on the First CIPURSE Hackathon

Reflecting on the First CIPURSE Hackathon

As a Full Member of OSPT Alliance, Infineon Technologies is proud to contribute to the work of the association and educate new audiences on both the CIPURSE Specification and the value that open standards can bring to Mobility as a Service (or MaaS) solutions ranging from transport to payment to healthcare.

When Infineon confirmed it was sponsoring the Hardware Track of the iHack Hackathon, part of the Entrepreneurship Summit 2019, I knew that CIPURSE would present the perfect problem statement to challenge participants. Entrepreneurship Summit, organised by E-Cell, IIT Bombay, is one of India’s largest business conferences and is attended by a range of industry experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs and visionary students. The hackathon was open to students of any college in India as well as working professionals.

The challenge set? ‘Securing User Data with CIPURSE’, with participants using software libraries and hardware provided by Infineon to propose new solutions to the challenge, illustrated with various application use-cases.

Over an intense 30 hours, 35 participants across 12 teams collaborated, brainstormed, developed, tested and re-tested their ideas and applications, in the race to be crowned champions. Teams developed a variety of applications using products that are compliant to the non-proprietary CIPURSE Specification, including an electronic health card, a gym card, an access control and inventory management system for co-working spaces, and a privilege card for malls and a student smart card… The scope of CIPURSE’s applications was truly tested!

The deserving winners had developed an electronic health card that featured partition of health data into online and offline components based on data size and data usage patterns. The card also ensured that doctors could only access online medical records once this has been authorized by a patient. A data area was also designed on the card which is accessible to all in order to store vital information required for first aid in case of emergencies. The team also managed to demonstrate two-factor authentication by patients to access sensitive data stored on the health card.

Not only did the hackathon provide an opportunity for the students, tomorrow’s industry leaders, to come together to test and demonstrate their skills, it also provided a new opportunity to raise awareness of the CIPURSE Specification: its advanced security features, its flexibility and its broad scope of applications.

CIPURSE is built on industry-proven standards including ISO 7816, AES-128 and ISO/IEC 14443-4; and as demonstrated during the event, it provides an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible mobility solutions across multiple use cases including transport, ticketing, access control and payments. The use cases that were developed as part of the hackathon prove that the CIPURSE security features and flexible architecture are well suited to these types of applications where privacy is of utmost importance.

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