OSPT Alliance Hosts a Successful Workshop in Chicago

OSPT Alliance Hosts a Successful Workshop in Chicago

On 18 May, OSPT Alliance held an exclusive workshop in Chicago entitled ‘Making your fare collection systems future-proof with open, non-proprietary and secure transit solutions’, hosted by OSPT Alliance member, Americaneagle.com. The event offered a unique opportunity for delegates to learn more about OSPT Alliance’s non-proprietary open standard and discover the benefits it presents for transit ticketing solutions.

The workshop focused on how the advanced features of CIPURSE™ meet the latest and most innovative needs of the transit ticketing market, with a focus on North America.

The event attracted nearly 30 industry professionals from across the globe, including the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Latin America and Europe. The participants were from a wide-range of transit roles – including transit operators, agencies, system integrators, card manufacturers, transit associations, chip manufacturers, service providers and reader manufacturers – who came together to network and share experiences and discuss key topics and technologies impacting the North American transit ticketing market.

The day began with an introduction by host, Americaneagle.com, followed by keynote presentations highlighting trends in US transit market, delivered by representatives of APTA and Pace Suburban Bus. Yannick Le Goff, then discussed ‘The importance of open, non-proprietary standards for public transport and beyond’. Delegates heard from 11 key industry player representatives including ALinc Consulting, Americaneagle.com, Brush Industries, Infineon Technologies, OSPT Alliance and Rambus, who highlighted various trends, technologies and opportunities within the transit industry, such as EMV, HCE and account-based ticketing solutions, developing next-gen CIPURSE transit readers, CIPURSE in the US and the future of transport ticketing.

Attendees were given the opportunity to participate in a lively panel discussion, moderated by Infineon Technologies. The session, which explored the future of open standards and emerging technologies, featured representatives from Americaneagle.com, Arjo Systems, Brush Industries, Infineon Technologies, OSPT Alliance and Rambus.

The day concluded with a river cruise along the Chicago skyline, providing delegates with an opportunity to network with fellow industry stakeholders and to reflect on key takeaways from the workshop.

This successful industry gathering would not have been possible without the support of OSPT Alliance members and our sponsors Arjo Systems, Infineon Technologies and Rambus, as well as host, Americaneagle.com. Thank you!

The event was a great success. It was a good opportunity for OSPT Alliance to gain insight on the key topics impacting the North American transit market.


  • Philippe Martineau

    Philippe is Vice President of Ecosystem Business Development at Rambus, where he is responsible for bridging Rambus’ core technology with the mobile world. His career started with the emergence of mobile technology in the early 90s, where he contributed to the GSM standardization bringing SIM technology to the market. Philippe was elected as President of the OSPT Alliance Board in 2018.