CIPURSE in Action Workshop Proves a Success in Santiago

CIPURSE in Action Workshop Proves a Success in Santiago

Our workshop held in Chile on 28 August received a really positive response! Co-sponsored by Infineon and, the event in Santiago welcomed almost 60 delegates to hear industry-leading experts from all over the world talk about deployments of the CIPURSE standard in Latin America.

Speakers with expertise ranging across the smart mobility ecosystem came together at “CIPURSE in Action: flexibility and multi-application” to explore why open standards are key to the future expansion of mobility services.

With a special focus on the implementation of CIPURSE standards in Latin America, a key takeaway from the event is the undoubted momentum open standards are gaining as they spread throughout mobility services in the region.

Considering this, we were excited to welcome keynote speaker Carlos Orellana, ITS Manager at the PTA in Santiago. HIs presentation on ‘Enabling Smart Mobility in Chile’ discussed how the capital is working to extend the services within the city to promote interoperability, social benefits, multi-use cards such as ID cards or mobile, and technology neutral solutions using non-proprietary open standards.

President of the OSPT Alliance Board, Philippe Martineau, gave attendees an insight into the origin and key assets of CIPURSE open standards and how they’ve been received to help make progress in ensuring interoperability in Latin America. So, where can we see the CIPURSE standard making an impact?

ID in Brazil

Over the past year we’ve seen several deployments in Latin America as the continent becomes increasingly receptive to CIPURSE. For example, it was the perfect choice for ID in Brazil. With its advanced security credentials, easy programmability and simple roll-out, CIPURSE has been used to protect a driver’s personal data on a card for ID verification. Following its success, exciting plans are underway to support multiple applications on a single card using CIPURSE. Stay tuned…

Transport ticketing in Ecuador

CIPURSE functionality has proved ideal for transport agencies struggling with the costs and complexities of proprietary systems in Cuenca, Ecuador. The open standard has enabled the city to upgrade its entire bus passenger transport system which can now automate fare collection enabling 40,000 trips a day. The project has been so successful that the city’s university has introduced a CIPURSE-enabled multi-application card, giving students access control to the school’s facilities, computers, library entry and book loan services, and access to modes of transport.

Highway fare collection in São Paulo

Finally, we witness the CIPURSE specification enabling interoperability, high security and seamless integration in toll booths on the highways of São Paulo State. The region, home to Brazil’s biggest city, is introducing a CIPURSE-based solution to a new prepaid semi-automated fare collection system that will enable over 20 million drivers to use one card for payment when travelling across the state’s highways. This will reduce transaction time, improve traffic flow, consolidate cash processing and reduce the requirement for on-the-ground support.

So what next?

With the continued success of CIPURSE deployments, it’s no doubt that Latin America is a key region that rightfully demands the support of the OSPT Alliance. In recognition of this, OSPT has relaunched its Latin America Sub-Working Group (SWG) to actively encourage further development and project implementation. The group will promote the value of OSPT Alliance and CIPURSE to the mobility ecosystem in Latin America and members in the region are being contacted with an invitation to join.


  • Philippe Martineau

    Philippe is Vice President of Ecosystem Business Development at Rambus, where he is responsible for bridging Rambus’ core technology with the mobile world. His career started with the emergence of mobile technology in the early 90s, where he contributed to the GSM standardization bringing SIM technology to the market. Philippe was elected as President of the OSPT Alliance Board in 2018.