San Francisco Workshop Roundup

San Francisco Workshop Roundup

In November 2017, OSPT Alliance and Full Member, Rambus hosted the association’s third workshop of the year. The event, titled ‘Building a future-proofed fare collection system with open, non-proprietary and secure transit solutions’, provided key insights into the latest trends in US public transport and the future vision of ticketing.

The workshop included sessions looking at real world examples of using wearables in public transport, as well as a technical introduction to CIPURSE technology featuring international success stories and implementations of CIPURSE in various market verticals. Speakers included, ATM Barcelona, CardTek, and Digital Payment Solutions.

Within his presentation, Erdal Yazmaci, of Cardtek, provided a deep-dive session on wearables. He explained the potential wearables hold to deliver greater consumer convenience and realize new revenue streams for operators, including opportunities in adjacent applications beyond transit ticketing such as ID, access control and payments.

Knowledge is limited surrounding the requirements necessary to ensure solutions developed on these new form factors are secure, interoperable and functional. As Erdal explained, developing solutions based on CIPURSE offers an opportunity to standardize and simplify the integration of interoperable, highly secure applications based on industry standard APIs. Using CIPURSE for wearable applications also offers freedom from vendor lock-in, ensuring business models can remain flexible. To safeguard investment in this emerging form factor, developing solutions with non-proprietary open standards is key.


  • Philippe Martineau

    Philippe is Vice President of Ecosystem Business Development at Rambus, where he is responsible for bridging Rambus’ core technology with the mobile world. His career started with the emergence of mobile technology in the early 90s, where he contributed to the GSM standardization bringing SIM technology to the market. Philippe was elected as President of the OSPT Alliance Board in 2018.